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Hearing Resources from March 2024

Selected books:

Hannan, Gael & Eberts, Shari, “,” 2022

Bouton, Katherine,  Won’t Help,”Living Better with Hearing Loss,”

Bouton, Katherine. “Smart Hearing: Strategies, Skills, and Resources for Living Better with Hearing Loss, 2018


Selected Hearing aids:


Cochlear Implants: 

Advanced Bionics:




Caption/Talk-to-text apps on mobile phones:

Ava (iPhone),

InnoCaption (captions phone calls) 

LiveTranscribe (Android)


Landline/mobile Caption phones:

CaptionCall: (free Captioned Phones)


Aural Rehabilitation (Listening Practice): 

Hearing Success

WordSuccess (free app to download)



Local Aural Rehabilitation Specialists:

Dawn Heiman, Au.D.

Lynn Wood, Au.D.


Tinnitus management:

Dawn Heiman, Au.D. 


Hearing Loss Support Groups: 

Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)

The Chicago chapter meets in the Lincoln Park area.

Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA)



Tina Childress:

Links and posts about issues related to hearing loss ~ written and compiled by a Deaf audiologist with bilateral cochlear implants who is ASL-fluent and loves assistive technology

Gael Hannan - The Way I Hear It

Katherine Bouton


Sign Language Resources

Most comprehensive collection of video clips of ASL vocabulary that is easily searchable:

Search for words and phrases, results may be displayed as drawings or short video clips, searchable:

List of recommended sign language apps for kids (and adults) to use on iDevices: 

Wiki-style website for sharing signs pertaining to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) curricula:

THOUSANDS of titles on a variety of educational subjects including a nice selection of sign language materials – some are on DVD but others you can stream right away:

Search “sign language” or “baby sign language” for a variety of pages and groups that discuss using ASL with children:

Online forum for parents and teachers who want to use ASL with babies and young children:

Popular signs for babies and children from the Signing Time video series:

Signs for subjects like the sciences, math, history, geography and government:

Arbor West Neighbors

Arbor West Neighbors (AWN) is a grassroots organization of neighbors in Oak Park, River Forest, Forest Park and Austin connected to support and enrich aging through community building and advocacy. Our mission is to empower adults to thrive as we age in community. 


Our vision is to build a multi-ethnic, multicultural community where all older adults are valued, age with dignity, and enjoy opportunities for growth and engagement. 

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization with over 120 members. 

About Us

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