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Before one of you dies:

  • Complete your Will, Heathcare Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney

  • Power of Attorney for Healthcare (HCPOA) documents to your POAs and to all doctors.
    Note: Waiting until your spouse is sick could be too late for your spouse to sign it.
    2nd Note: Have copies handy to take them with you for any serious medical interventions. The hospital might misplace them.

  • Financial Power of Attorney (FPOA) to your POAs and to credit card companies.
    Note: Then you can manage your spouse’s account if your spouse is sick or has recently died.

  • Complete a Living Will and/or  Advanced Directives. Consider completing Practitioner Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST)  Home - POLST (,. 
    Note: POLST are doctor’s orders and must be followed. Living Will and Advanced Directives are legal documents and may or may not be followed.

  • Have each others’ passwords to all: bank accounts; credit cards; retirement accounts; computers; phone; digital equipment.
    Note: Use a password app (i.e., LastPass) that both of you can use, and remember to update it when you change a password.

  • Have all account numbers

  • Find out about credit cards:
    Note: Find out if you are “co-owner” or “secondary”? If you are “secondary,” you cannot manage the credit card when your spouse dies. Co-owners can. Another reason for credit card companies to have your POA.

  • Revisit wills regularly and update them, if necessary.  
    Note: Should you, at a younger age, have wanted your body to go to research, reconsider If you are older or sick. They won’t want it!  Also, beneficiaries can change.

  • Know spouse’s burial and funeral wishes so you are not surprised. Review these regularly.

  • Complete The Five Wishes (available online)

  • Know what all accounts are for. 

  • Know how all bills are paid (direct withdrawal from bank; credit card payments by hand or automatic)

  • Know all email accounts, if more than one

  • Insurance policies – home, car: 
    Note: Check if both names are owner of car and insurance policies.  You will have trouble selling the car if the car is in the deceased’s name only. 

  • In whose name are: Deeds to house; Car; Utilities?

  • Costco card:
    Note: The Costco card is only in one name; if in your spouse’s name, you won’t be able to use it or get any credits from it.

  • How to work things your spouse does for you!


After spouse dies:
You will likely need to provide the death certificate and marriage license as proof of the death and of your relationship.

  • Don’t remove spouse’s name from checking account for one year. 
    Note: A check could come in spouse’s name and you won’t be able to cash it.

  • Try sending copies of death certificate, when requested, before sending original.

  • Owner may need to be changed on car, home ownership/deed.

  • Put electric bills, gas, etc. in your name.

  • 529 College Saving Plans – only one person can be on it.  To change it, send driver’s license and death certificate.

  • Change name on your spouse’s retirement accounts (assuming you are beneficiary).

  • Change beneficiaries

  • Change will

  • If spouse was your POA, change POAs and get them to doctors

  • Airline miles – try to transfer to you

  • Credit card rewards

  • Social Security – the death benefit is usually paid to you automatically.

  • Regular SS benefit if in spouse’s name

  • You will have to give SS information on the retirement benefits you receive from your work and from your spouse’s work.  They send a form.

  • Cancel spouse’s long-term care insurance.

  • Make needed changes for telephone, cell phone, landline, outgoing message

  • In whose name is: Internet, TV, Newspaper, Magazines, AARP, AAA, Donor Advised Fund.

  • Cancel voter registration for spouse if you can.

General things your family should know for 1st spouse and 2nd:

  • Who MUST be advised of the death?

  • What automatic bank and/or credit card deductions need to be stopped?

  • What accounts need to be closed?  Or let lapse.

  • Some like to name to whom your personal possessions will go.  (Unless the will is a “pourover” will into an estate.)

  • Contact info for:

    • Financial advisor (if applicable)

    • Doctors (for health care proxy)

    • Passwords for online accounts

  • Where documents are located (in file or elsewhere)

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Our vision is to build a multi-ethnic, multicultural community where all older adults are valued, age with dignity, and enjoy opportunities for growth and engagement. 

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization with over 120 members. 

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