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May 2022,forest preserve walk_.jpg
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2-15-21 Walking group at Concordia,_edit
2-15-21 Walking group at Concordia,.jpg
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2022.8.19Waterfall Glen #2, Karin Grimes, Maureen Connolly, Iris Yipp.jpg
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2022.11.27 Fullersberg Woods.jpg
2022walking group #2.jpg
2022-8-19.Waterfall Glen, Pete Notier, Karin grimes, Maureen Connolly, Iris Yipp.jpg
May 2022, forest preserve walkers.jpg
May 2022-forest preserve walkers,map reading.jpg
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May 2022,forest preserve walk_.jpg
9-3-2018 Walking Thatcher Woods.JPG

Arbor West Neighbors

Arbor West Neighbors (AWN) is a grassroots organization of neighbors in Oak Park, River Forest, Forest Park and Austin connected to support and enrich aging through community building and advocacy. Our mission is to empower adults to thrive as we age in community. 


Our vision is to build a multi-ethnic, multicultural community where all older adults are valued, age with dignity, and enjoy opportunities for growth and engagement. 

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization with over 120 members. 

About Us

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